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  2014 Citronella Oil Spray
  2014 Flour Twisted Cookie
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  2014 Molasses Biscuit
  2014 New Chicken Herbal Soup
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  2014 Original Green Bean Biscuit
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  2014 Red Bean Biscuit
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Seafood & Spring Rolls snacks
Seafood Snacks:  Cuttlefish rolls, cuttlefish W/sugar, cuttlefish with chilies, cuttlefish W/curry, cuttlefish floss or Satay fish. LIM WAH THAI also have the most favorite Spring rolls with the flavor of chicken floss or Chilies shrimp  These are the favors of all time from every generations.  


00003 Satay 250gm    
10002 Satay 500gm    
10045 Spicy Chili fish 120gm    
10043 S Satay 250gm    
10042 S. Satay 500gm    
10013 Satay Fish 120gm    
10086 Satay-Curry Fish 120gm    
10090 Satay-Fish Eggs 120G    
10102 Satay Anchovy 250gm    
10103 A.Fillet 120gm    
10122 Anchovy 120gm    
10144 Prawn 120gm    
10184 Anchovy Fish Crackers 90gm    
10083 Satay - Curry / Otak (Fish Eggs) 250gm    
10188 Anchovy Crackers    
10190 Achovy Rolls    
10192 Squid Roll
10185 BBQ Fish Rolls
10203 Chili Prawn Crackers    
00222 Crispy Crap Satay Chips   Picture    
70997 BBQ Prawn      
21107 Kara Squid      
20706 Cod Fillet      
15679 Dried  Shrimp      
14625 Soft Satay    
14623 Cuttlefish Chips    
14618 Cutterfish Rolls    
12500 Fish Maw (S)    
12215 Long Fish Snack    
10323 Crispy C. Fish    
10212 Prawn Roll    
10210 Prawn Crackers    
10344 C.Fish