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Tau Sah Pneah: (GREEN BEAN BISCUIT - ORIGINAL) fluffy-crust pastry, is one of the delicacies that Penang is famous for. It is one of the souvenir foods that visitors from other states buy to bring home. It is also gift that Penang people will bring with them whenever they go to visit friends in other states.

Traditionally, tau sar biscuit is synonymous with Tambun biscuit as both are made from the same core ingredients, but differ slightly in shape. Either way, you are assured of cookies that are delightfully mouth-watering and delicious. When buying tau sar biscuit, try and get a batch that's fresh out of the oven. Although the cookies retain their freshness for several days without refrigeration, it is when they are still warm that eating them becomes an incomparable experience. Although purists will tell you that the best tau sar biscuit is made with vegetable oil.

There is even a halal (permitted by Islam) variety for Muslims and a vegetable-based one for vegetarians. The best way to get fresh tau sar biscuit is to pre-order, sometimes even days before your arrival in Penang.  We also features:  Molasses/Sesame Seeds, Coconut with Brown or Pandan Leaf, Brown Sugar, Green /Bean with Coffee, Chilies Shrimp, Pandan Leaf, Chicken Floss or Molasses with White Sugar. 
綠豆餅乾:(綠豆餅乾 - 原味)蓬鬆,糕點之一,也是檳城美食而聞名是一種食品紀念品,遊客從其他國家購買帶回家這也是檳城的禮物,他們隨時他們去參觀的朋友在其他州


甚至有一個清真(允許伊斯蘭教)穆斯林和各種蔬菜一個素食主義者。最好的方式得到新鮮的特區餅乾是預先訂購有時甚至幾天之前,抵達檳城我們還具有:糖蜜/芝麻,椰子與布朗香蘭紅糖,綠 /咖啡,辣椒香蘭,雞牙線糖蜜白糖。


17751 Green Bean (Original)- 30pcs      
17782 Green Bean (Coffee) - 30pcs    
17783 Green Bean (Chilies Shrimp) - 30PCS    
17790 Green Bean (Pandan Leaf) - 30pcs    
17793 Green Bean (Original) - 20pcs