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Our business first commenced on 23 February 1977 as a sole proprietorship entitled WAH Thai Native Products Co.(or WAH THAI as it is popularly called till these days) under the management of Mr. Lim Shong Thai, PJK, PKT & DJN.

With over 32 years of established experience and reputation, Wah Thai has grown to a size employing dozens of workers engaged in the manufacturing and marketing business.

Our business is involved in the manufacturing of traditional Chinese herbal soup preparation called “Chic Kut Teh”, nutmeg oil/ointment, packing of preserved local fruits like mango, nutmeg, guava, papaya, banana chips, “hand-made” biscuits like Tambun Biscuits, Beh Teh Sor, Phong Pneah, Heong Pneah and Pineapple Biscuits as well as the sale of local traditional herbs like Tongkat Ali roots and capsules and bird’s nests.

From the earlier days when only a few hundred pieces of biscuits could be produced manually everyday with a workforce of only a few workers, it is now able to churn out thousands of pieces with semi-automation. However, there are still stages whereby the biscuits have to be individually moulded by hand and the baking temperature being closely monitored. As for the traditional Chinese herbal soup preparation of “Bah Kut Teh”, it is the core product of the business and it is well received by both the domestic tourists and foreign tourists from the Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Overseas-Chinese tourists from USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In view of our expanding tourism industry and as the demand for our products is ever increasing, Lim Wah Thai Local Food Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 28 October 1993 to take over the trading business previously undertaken by WAH THAI NATIVE PRODUCTS CO.

This company, being one of the leading market players in Penang, has established itself firmly in the tourism-related industry.